Welcome to Saffron Tandoori

At the Saffron Tandoori we indulge your desire for exquisite hand crafted food that looks sensational & tastes divine! We take pride in the quality of our food. Each dish is individually prepared to order using only the finest ingredients. If there is something you would like and it is not available on the menu, please do not hesitate to ask us, as we will try to cater for all Indian, Bangladeshi & Nepalese style dishes.

Early Bird


We've difficulty accommodating everyone with our limited number of seats during rush hours.So, if you're willing to help with our congestion problem, we'll give you 50% off* on your food when you order at least two courses and dine with us anytime between 5:30 to 7:00pm & leave by 8pm.



*When you book referring offer code WEB1201.

Free Bubbly


Enjoy a Free* glass of bubbly for everyone. Either it's a table for two or a group, there's a glass available for everyone. To get your Free* glass of Prosecco, simply book your table in advance & your glasses will be ready for you!




*When you book referring offer code WEB1202.

Group Discount


Weather you're out with your family for a dinner or with your friends to have some laugh together. When you book your table in advance at Saffron, we'll give you 25% discount* from your total bill if you're a group of 4 or more!




*When you book referring offer code WEB1203.

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